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May 9, 2018 § Leave a comment

Randomly, I received a shirt from my favorite brand in the mail the other day and I didn’t place any orders. Come to find out it was from my mother.  She wanted to give me something for helping her with their taxes this year, but she knew I wouldn’t accept money.  So, after working with my wife, she ordered a shirt to say thank you and surprised me with it.


When opening the package, I started to think of all the reasons why this particular brand is my favorite.  Yes, it checks off all of my required boxes for proper fit, my desired style, necessary color and appropriate price, but when I was taking the shirt tags off and reading through all the details they shared with me, I experienced why I will remain loyal to this company.

Not only does this company understand and excel in client experience that I enjoy with every order and delivery (or random surprise), they make the user feel unique with a twist of wit.  The tag indicates I am the 147th owner of this one of kind shirt and it’s made for me.  There are only 146 others roaming around with my shirt.  That’s not even three people per state.  The tag continues to inform me that this style of a shirt was first made on 12.18.2017.  That’s an interesting and fun fact.  The other tag provides washing instructions.  It says not to wear the shirt, and that only people who want to dress unlike any others should put this on.  On the other side, it tells me when washing to use my brain, and to love thy neighbor but for heaven’s sake, do not dress like him.  All those little efforts create a bond with me, makes me feel special to own this shirt and privileged the get to wear it, even though there may be 100 other brands that can make the same shirt with similar fit, style, color and price.

As a firm, we have established committees of different experts to constantly evaluate our services, people, processes, procedures, and technologies to always be a step ahead for our clients and their experience with us. We know that we offer similar services like many CPAs across the country. We also know that our culture, people, and prices aren’t a match for everyone but for the ones that we serve today and the days to come, our goal is to ensure that you feel one of a kind, as special as I do wearing my shirt, and to feel privileged to be our client.

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Jonathan Porter, CPA, Manager
McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C.

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