Be A True Leader

May 16, 2018 § Leave a comment

The business world is full of individuals indicating they are leaders.  There is a multitude of various leadership styles ranging from coercive; leaders which demand compliance to servant; leaders which focus on meeting the needs of their team.

A true leader, in my mind, is someone who has the interest of their team as a main concern. True leaders know their team members and themselves well.  Sometimes this is difficult.  However, a true leader takes the time to show interest, concern, and attempts to understand each team member.  With this knowledge, the true leader is better equipped to assist the team members to be motivated and successful.

The true leader is focused on building the next generation of leaders.  This is how a sustainable business operation is built. A true leader supports team members; allowing them to make decisions.  A true leader walks beside and trains team members through their failures providing growth opportunities.

A true leader maintains a positive attitude; holding their emotions in check especially in tough situations.  They do this without pride standing in the way.  The true leader has the confidence to know when they are wrong and move past failures.  Identifying problems and providing solutions is a great trait of a true leader.  Other qualities, which I believe, a true leader must possess are:

  • trust
  • honesty
  • compassion
  • ability to listen
  • being a team player
  • accountable
  • willing to change
  • inspires others
  • awareness
  • focused on important items

Having these qualities assists in developing a better workplace.  The true leader trusts their team members to perform efficiently and independently.  They build a positive culture allowing team members to be more confident and more willing to share ideas.

If you build and display these qualities each of us can be true leaders in how we relate with clients and other team members.  Show your leadership talents!  Step up and “Be a True Leader!”

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